Before and after photos of the CANNING COLLEGE PROJECT. 16/03/2017. This was a contract to undertake work as per plans submitted by the builders. The scope of work included Gardens, Lawns, Planting along with Edging to contain the lawn and gardens in their own space. While this is a commercial project there were still issues of , in this case, cost and quality. The lawn we used in the CANNING COLLEGE PROJECT was a rollout KIKUYA style which is a water tolerant low maintenance variety with a high wear factor that suited a school environment. We are expecting the lawn and plants to mature into an environment that will serve the school community well over many years to come. This is the site before we began work. batch_2014-08-11-14. 35. 53. jpg

batch_2014-08-11-14. 35. 51. jpg

batch_2014-08-11-14. 35. 47. jpg

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Banksia trees were included in the CANNING COLLEGE PROJECT as they are non invasive, have beautiful flowers and leaves and are water tolerant being native to Western Australia. with connotative definitions. au/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/batch_IMG_4471. JPG” alt=”batch_IMG_4471. JPG” width=”1000″ height=”750″ />

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